Ali Tootian

Running for The Coquitlam City Council 2022

What I have planned to address:

Coquitlam for youth – Building proper entertainment and indoor facilities and developing sports centers.

Senior Centers РDeveloping facilities for organizing clubs and activities for seniors, supporting volunteer opportunities for senior to make their life active and meaningful, and meeting their cultural and social expectations. 

Event Facilities – Executing the plans of developing event-based arenas, weddings and funeral halls, which serve the needs and expectations of residents.

Safe and Secure Coquitlam – Securing nightlife for adults, youth, and international students, offering a more positive and productive lifestyle with booths, light, and security.

Housing and Infrastructure – Planning meaningful accommodations which, in addition to offering homes, offer a whole life at Coquitlam, so residents spend their time in their city.

¬†Environment -Addressing ecological and horticultural issues at the City level, advocating plans and activities which manage watersheds and greenhouses, and educating the public about environmental changes and challenges by using City Hall’s resources.


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Election sign 2022

Chamber of Commerce All-Candidate Meeting