Doctor of educational technology from Walden University, USA; class 2022.

Specialization: Educational technology

Dissertation: Junior High Teachers’ Perception on Consistent Implementing Technology-Based Gamification.

The research focused on the factors affecting eighth- to tenth-grade teachers’ decision on integrating technology-based gamification into their practice to engage students.

Master of science, secondary mathematics education with thesis from SFU, Canada; class 2012.

Thesis topic: Tusi, Mathematician, Mathematics Educator and Teacher, and the Savior of the Mathematics.

Nasiruddin Tusi was an Iranian mathematician whose contribution to modern schooling is included but is not limited to separating academic schooling from religious schools, generating textbooks from Roman and Creek books, separating trigonometry from geometry, and making it a branch of math as we know it today. His trigonometry book was used for 200 years in Europe before it was translated by a French mathematician.

Certified teacher (Professional Development Program): from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada; class 2003.

Specialization: Secondary math and science.

Bachelor of metallurgy engineering from Shahid Bahonar University (SBU), Iran; class 1992.

Final project: Extraction of copper from copper sulfate solution wastes of factories by electrolytic approach. The project opened the opportunity for Ali to work as a production line manager at an anodizing aluminum factory.